East Dorset Beekeeping Association tries to help its members in a number of ways:

  • by organising training whatever the level of experience,
  • orgainising a programme of indoor meetings in the winter (currently taking place on zoom)
  • practical demonstrations at our apiary in the open season.
  • providing a platform where beekeepers can meet to discuss, ask questions and follow up their common interest. (through facebook and whatsapp)
  • EDBKA is affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association and Dorset County Beekeepers Association. As a Full Member of EDBKA you will be allocated a BBKA membership number and recieve their monthly magazine, Dorset BKA's Honeycraft and our own monthly newsletter.

    We have an apiary at West Moors where we carry out training and demonstrations and where members will have every opportunity to learn or fine tune their bee-handling and hive management.

    New members will be encouraged to attend our six-week training course in February and March. These classroom sessions are followed by practical bee handling workshops at our apiary. We endeavour to allocate a 'Bee Buddy' for trainees to advise on setting up their apiary and to help and guide them through their first year. In addition, we have a dedicated WhatsApp group for beginners. New members will be given priority for the receipt of bees from our active swarm collection team from May until August.

    The Association possess two honey extractors which members can borrow for a modest charge to enable them to extract their honey crop

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    If you need any questions answered then please contact us

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